N O Categorical Data Characteristic 、 Purpose Contents
1 Vulkanol Vulkanol synthetic plasticizers are required as active ingredients to adjust the properties of vulcanizates, for example, to reduce hardness, modulus and tensile strength or to increase ultimate elongation and resilience. As processing aid, plasticizers reduce compound viscosity and improve flow during processing, which results in lower processing temperatures and power consumption.
2 Vulkalent Vulkalent retarders adjust the vulcanization rate and increase scorch and flow times of sulfur-cured diene rubber compounds. Currently available retarders function only in compounds cured with sulfur and accelerator, or, to a limited extent, in those cured with thiuram as crosslinking agent. They are not effective in peroxide cures, high energy radiation cures, metal oxide cures (e.g. CR) or resin cures (e.g. IIR).
3 Aflux The dispersant effect of Rhein Chemie processing promoters is based on quicker and better dispersion of solids within the mixture and on the prevention of reagglomeration. At the same time, processing promoters can act as a lubricant for the compound, improving and speeding up subsequent processing. The main dispersing effect occurs in the mixing unit, while the lubricating effect predominates in the extruder.
4 Aktiplast Multifunctional processing promoters are made from a combination of peptizing agents and selected dispersants or lubricants serving as a substrate. These multifunctional processing promoters are normally added at the initial mixing stage and used at temperatures of 80 – 120 °C to masticate natural and synthetic rubbers.Special applications include tire compounds, molded and injection-molded products of all kinds and conveyor belts.

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