N O Categorical Data Characteristic 、 Purpose Contents
1 Antilux Rhein Chemie’s anti-sun check waxes and antiozonants (AntiluxR) are made from a blend of selected paraffins and micro-waxes that protects rubber parts against light, ozone damage and other types of weathering.
2 Vulkanox Antidegradants such as Vulkanox are chemicals which protect the vulcanizates against damaging external influences. Depending on the chemical structure, they act against one or more of the aging processes mentioned. None of the antidegradants is universally effective, each has a definite spectrum of activity and characteristic effectiveness, and a definite propensity to discolor the goods if they are exposed to light. Staining antidegradants are generally more effective than non-staining ones.
3 Antioxidant
4 Vulkazon "Non-staining antiozonants" - excellent protection against ozone - no staining or contact staining - in CR and butyl rubber, Vulkazon is effective even without wax - VulkazonR AFD can be used in peroxide-cured compounds as well

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