N O Categorical Data Characteristic 、 Purpose Contents
1 EVM LEVAPREN 400, 450, 500, 600, 650, 700, 800, 900 and LEVAMELT 400, 450, 452, 456, 500, 600, 650, 686,700, 800, 900.
2 EPM、EPDM BUNA EP G/T Series. Depending on the type of functions, there are over 36 choices.The molecules of both EPM and EPDM have a completely saturated hydrocarbon backbone, through which excellent ozone resistance and very good resistance to heat and oxidation are achieved. Ethylene-propylene rubbers from LANXESS are designed according to the following criteria: 1•Mooney viscosity 2•Ethylene/propylene ratio 3•Diene content 4•Oil content and oil type.
3 CR BAYPREN compounds are suitable for moldings and extrudates of all types, reinforced hoses, roll covers, belting, including conveyor belts, air spring bellows, cable sheathing and insulation for low-voltage cables, sponge rubber, including open and closed-cell sponge rubber, corrosion-resistant linings, sheeting, fabric proofings and footwear (boots).
4 NBR KRYNAC NBR polymers are suitable for various applications in industrial equipment and machinery: KRYNAC is used for hydraulic hoses, fuel and oil supply hoses, seals, rollers, drive belts, fabric linings and gaskets. Other applications are shoe soles (sport shoes and safety footwear) and flooring. PERBUNAN is recommended for many technical rubber articles. PERBUNAN is the first choice for oil seals.
5 HNBR THERBAN is a partially or completely hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber. To make THERBAN, LANXESS hydrogenates its Perbunan NT acrylonitrile butadiene rubber. While all HNBR products exhibit certain characteristics such as strength, heat resistance, and oil resistance superior to standard NBR and other polymers, only THERBAN offers a selection of grades that will perform well across a range of the most extreme environments.
6 SSBR Buna VSL offers solution styrene-butadiene rubbers that have different styrene and vinyl levels combined with varying Mooney viscosities. In contrast to emulsion SBR the molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, microstructure and branching can be controlled to produce polymers that offer improved end properties. The low temperature flexibility, resilience and abrasion resistance depend on the polymer's styrene and vinyl content.
7 ESBR Buna SE presents good mechanical properties, abrasion and tear resistance, being largely used in tire, retread, footwear soles, hoses, tubes, cables, conveyor belts and a great variety of moulded, calendered and extruded rubber goods. More than half of the world production of E-SBR is used principally in general purpose tires.
8 BR Polybutadiene rubbers are highly elastic and have a very high degree of resistance to dynamic stress, and retain these properties even at extremely low temperatures. Blending natural rubber or styrene butadiene rubber with Buna CB improves the abrasion resistance, crack resistance and heat build-up under dynamic load.
9 Butyl Rubber Butyl Rubber, Bromobutyl Rubber, Chlorobutyl Rubber.
10 Q(SILICON) HV Serial, TSE Serial, SE Serial...

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